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Celebrating Songkran Derived from ancient Sanskrit, Songkran, which means “transition” is the biggest annual festival in Thailand, and a celebration of the Thai New year. The ancient Brahmins of Indian considered the passing of the moon, sun and planets from the zodiac sign of Aries into Taurus to signal a new astrological year, and the

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5 Hidden Gems in Krabi

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How often you visit Krabi? Everyone knows about Railay beach and the 4 Islands tour, but what about the mainland? Here are our 5 favorite things to do in Krabi that you might not have heard about! 1. Sra Morakot/Emerald Pool and blue pool These are in the same park and about 2 hours drive fromRead More

5 Thai Dishes you should eat for your first time in Thailand

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Is this the first time you visit Thailand? are you nervous about Thai food? don't worry today we have a 5 buckets list of Thai dishes that you should have eaten. 1. Tom Yam Kung / Spicy Shrimp Soup Even thai people often eat Tom yam Kung with rice and some people eat with MincedRead More