5 Hidden Gems in Krabi

How often you visit Krabi?

Everyone knows about Railay beach and the 4 Islands tour, but what about the mainland? Here are our 5 favorite things to do in Krabi that you might not have heard about!

1. Sra Morakot/Emerald Pool and blue pool

These are in the same park and about 2 hours drive from Ao Nang. Worth the drive? Definitely.

This place becomes a zoo once the tour buses arrive so a ‘get up before the sun rises’ kind of place if you’re after some peace and quiet.

so what you gonna paid is for parking and “farang” (foreigner) entry rate to the national park, and wandered into the forest. I would guess it was probably a kilometer or so before we reached the first bright blue lake – Emerald Pool.

Also worth noting, much like the famous Thai fish foot spas, the fish in this pool like to nibble toes 😉


Another one to wake up early for, unless you like sitting in people soup. Get there before the springs are officially open and you’ll even skip having to pay an entry fee.

These hot springs are awesome, especially if you go on a cooler wetter day; not sure I’d want to go on a hot day (another reason to go early in the morning). Nonetheless, these springs are relaxing and idyllic.


3.Wat Tham Seua/ Tiger Cave Temple

Once you get to the temple you’re going to have to head through the grounds at the bottom. If you’re a lady I’m sorry to tell you that you’re going to have to cover your legs. There’s a pretty serious security guard at the bottom that’s going to make you one way or another.

Once you’re at the foot of the staircase, the adventure is starting. till the top of the mountain, there are 1,237 steps waiting for you The views of Krabi from the top are unparalleled and it’s something we don’t regret getting sweaty for, and believe me, you will be sweaty.

4.Loh Sama Bay 

Loh Sama (Sama Bay in Thai) is one of the most famous sites of Koh Phi Phi Leh which, we have to admit, hosts a fair deal of outstanding attractions. Located on the eastern side of the southern tip of the island, it features a small islet in the center of the bay and a tiny beach at the backside of a small canyon on its northern part. Loh Sama is reputed for its snorkeling and diving opportunities. The famous Maya Bay is separated from it by a limestone cliff, which is pierced by a small hole allowing passage at low tide. A wooden staircase and terrace have been built on the Maya Bayside, offering visitors a great vista over Loh Sama and the islet.

Snorkellers can enjoy the shallow crystal-clear waters of the channel formed between Koh Phi Phi Leh and the islet while scuba divers can appreciate wall diving down to 20 meters around the islet itself. Loh Sama is also famous for being a great night-diving spot, with a narrow canyon covered with soft coral and gorgonian sea fans offering spectacular scenery at night thanks to the light reflection in the eyes of hundreds of crustaceans crawling around.

5.Khao Ngorn Gai (Dragon Crest)

18 Kilos meters from Aonang beach. Krabi has plenty of different resources, so it’s not gonna have just sea but also a mountain. This Dragon Crest has 3.8 kilos meter distance for the top view and it’s gonna take 3-4 hours for walking depends on your endurance this place is open every day from 06:00 until 16:00, and it’s free entrance.