5 Thai Dishes you should eat for your first time in Thailand

Is this the first time you visit Thailand?
are you nervous about Thai food?
don’t worry today we have a 5 buckets list of Thai dishes that you should have eaten.

1. Tom Yam Kung / Spicy Shrimp Soup

Even thai people often eat Tom yam Kung with rice and some people eat with Minced Pork Omelette ( thai recipe) as well it’s a perfect combo Tom Yam Kung has two versions (light, intense) in my opinion I would suggest you try the intense soup so you will get the real experiences and know-how spicy and sour of it. even I’m typing this post I’m being fond of good food.

2. Phad Thai / Thai Fried Noodles with pawn

A Second Famous dish that you shouldn’t miss, The highlight of this dish is all about noodles, sweet and sour taste with fresh prawns, it will serve side dishes that has lime, soja, banana blossom. if you have time I would suggest you try Pad Thai Thip Sa Mai it’s a very famous restaurant and worth waiting.


3.Kao Mun Gai / Hainanese Chicken Rice

this dish maybe is the most eaten dish in the country and reflects the Chinese influence. it’s boiled chicken on rice, just that easy! sounds really dull right? but believe us you should try it then you will see why it’s the most eaten dish for the country.

4.Bai Liang Phad Kai / Stir-fried Malindjo leaves with egg

If you about to visit Southern Thailand This dish is recommended
Bai Liang Phad Kai is a common dish for the southern but rarely can’t find in the other religion.
Southern food is a combination of authentic Thai cuisine and Indian cuisine. The uniqueness is a strong flavor – so spicy, so salty, and so sour. Most dishes contain a lot of spices so be careful.

Khao Soi

5.Khao Soi (Coconut Curry Noodle Soup)

A classic Northern Thai noodle commonly found especially in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. The word “Khao” in Thai basically means “rice” but surprisingly, non of the ingredients made from rice.
Khao Soi is a traditional food that was influenced by Burmese Muslim cuisine, so it is usually made with beef and chicken (can make with pork or other meats as well but not popular) combines with boiled and crispy noodles served with slightly pickled lettuce. The curry is similar to green curry as they both made from coconut but yellow curry in Khao Soi is more watery and eaten as a soup.

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